Hi, I'm Isabel.

​Welcome to my home based business; Sheepish Designs NZ 

Just a little note about me:

I am the eldest of 10 children. I learnt to knit at an early age, to help my mother make garments for my younger siblings.

When my family (husband and three children) had enough jumpers, and as the grandchildren had not come along yet, there was still an abundance of creative energy left... It was then I joined a craft co-operative, and began selling my yarn and creations at markets, and this is something that I still do today.

My yarn is made from our lovely soft fleeces of the New Zealand Romney sheep.  Aside from shearing the sheep, I personally handle all aspects of the production of the yarn, from selecting the fleece, dyeing it or choosing to keep it un-dyed, and spinning it.

I hope you enjoy working with my yarn as much as I do.  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see what new projects I am crafting. 


I can be reached via email and messenger. I will respond to your message within 24 hours. Please be patient, if I am at market I cannot always respond straight away.

Email me at sheepishdesignsnz@gmail.com or find me on Facebook.