My Favourite Fleeces

People often ask me what breed of sheep my yarns come from... so I thought I would tell you a little about my favourite fleeces.... not in any particular order...


Image: NZ Sheepbreeders Assn

Micron: 30-37 
Origin: British Isles
First in NZ: 1843

There are about 40 million sheep in NZ and the Romney makes up over half of them.


Corriedale Ram © Graham Meadows Photography

Micron: 24-30
Origin: New Zealand
First in NZ: 1911

Originally bred by crossing Merino & Romney in 1863, in North Otago. 


Image: Wikipedia

Origin: Gotland Island {off the coast of Sweden}
First in NZ: 1980's

They say that the Gotland is the only true coloured sheep because they only come in grey colours, you will not find a white Gotland.

I really enjoy these fleeces because:

  • they're readily available
  • nice long staple
  • easy to spin 
  • hard wearing

Garments made from these fleeces are best made for outer wear.

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