A little of my history

I am the eldest sibling in a family of 10.

7 boys & 3 girls born at a time when there was no Warehouse, no KMart etc and you either bought clothes at a New Zealand made price or made them.

So I learnt to knit at an early age, about 6, to help my Mum.

I would knit the sleeves while she would knit the back and front.

It was never a chore to me.

I loved knitting and that has stayed with me.

Each time Mum had another baby, I stayed with my Granny and she taught me how to spin and crochet.

Image: 1974 - Left to Right: Me (aged 26), Granny & Mum

Mum told me one of my teachers used to called me a "Knitwit". I would sit down the back of the class with my desk lid up... busy knitting!!!

Time passed, I finished school & started working.

I kept knitting for myself, family and friends then for my 21st birthday, Mum and Dad bought me a spinning wheel.

Dad was also an avid spinner.

Image: Dad spinning in the kitchen in my childhood home.

You could say spinning was definitely in my blood.

Fast forward about 10 years when Our Patch, a craft shop opened in our town.

This was the start of me selling my garments.

I can still remember the buzz I got when I saw someone wearing a garment I had made.

I also started doing markets mostly in Queenstown, which I still do, and soon my garments were being worn in countries all over the world.

I love meeting and talking with so many different people from all walks of life and different countries.

Through the years I tried other hobbies, patchwork, machine knitting, card making but spinning and knitting stayed my go to place.

I made sure I took any classes available to increase my skills and spend time with like minded people.

Image: Mum and Dad. Mum is carding fleece for Dad to spin

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